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Zeus’s brother Poseidon gained control of the sea as his portion of the world. And like the sea he had a stormy, violent nature. Poseidon built a palace in the watery depths and sought a wife who could live there. At one time he courted Thetis, the sea nymph, but he gave her up when he learned that she would bear a son greater than its father. Then he courted Amphitrite, another sea nymph, but she disliked him and fled far away. Poseidon sent messengers to fetch her, and one of them, a dolphin, was able to persuade her to marry the lord of the sea.

Poseidon’s Loves and Their Children

The god had numerous lovers in myth. This page describes his divine consorts including the sea-queen Amphitrite, goddess Demeter and Gorgon Medousa. She bore him several divine offspring: Triton, Rhode and Benthesikyme. When Poseidon then attempted to seduce her she transformed herself into the floating island of Delos.

As the only half-blooded kid of Poseidon, I didn’t have anyone to counsel. Still, most Dating at Camp Half-Blood was a nightmare. First Athena’s a goddess.

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Sea Shells

Oh, fanfiction! How I love you, my guilty little pleasure! It is the ultimate outlet for all of my pent-up frustration for What If? For Percy Jackson fans, the official Universe is ever-expanding; there are a plethora of opportunities to explore alternate universes or vignettes between books. Word of warning though: Fanfiction is a slippery slope into a very very deep hole.

There are some great stories and then there are some absolute tropey tales.

But seriously, let’s look at “Athena vs Poseidon now”. Loading editor Especially not now since he’s been dating Annabeth. He can be really.

What’s up?! So I just read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and it’s awesome! I became a Percabeth fan right away and I thought the parts where Athena was angry at Percy about Annabeth were hilarious and the part where he talks to Aphrodite was great! That inspired me to write this story! So, I hope you guys like it. Oh and here’s the disclaimer: Lulu halulu does not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or its characters or the Greek gods.

On with the story!

Myths and Legends

I’m starting to get nervous. I haven’t seen any Goddesses except Artemis in the last week. And usually if I don’t find her, Aphrodite finds me and asks me about my dates with Poseidon. And today there is a random meeting that Zeus called last night. But if Zeus knew when he called for the meeting, he would have had it then, so he could punish me and Poseidon.

I mean Poseidon and I.

Athena and Poseidon are in love. Let’s see how this goes. Rated: Fiction T – English – Fantasy/Romance – Athena, Poseidon, Annabeth C.

I woke rock, got dressed, and went down to the viewing room to meet with the other Goddesses who spied on Annabeth and Percy’s love lives or should I say life in general. They all screamed and jumped from their seats, then scowled when they saw it easy me. That never gets old. The rest of the Goddesses just nodded. Hi zombies. Then I noticed what Annabeth and Percy were doing on the screen.

They don’t need to watch two sixteen year-olds when their doing that. Especially since one of them is my daughter, and the other one is Poseidon’s son. She smiled at that last part and said, “Seriously, cougar?

Naruto primordial god fanfiction percy jackson harem

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Rated: Fiction K+ – English – Annabeth C., Athena, Percy J., Poseidon In all honesty, he was okay with wisdom’s daughter dating his son if he.

Sigh Seriously tho, I have a feeling u kinda did this in a rush. Lady artemis and lord us percy jackson fanfic chapter i return of a maiden s love percy jackson fanfiction on hold the seventh child percy jackson fanfic fanfiction net son of chaos husband artemis chapter one wattpad. Reading about nico di angelo fanfiction All The Goddesses Want Percy Fanfiction Annabeth turns into a baby fanfiction Thanatoss95 Fanfiction Truth or dare heroes of olympus a collection of leyna one shots warning fluffy percy percyxreyna fanfiction percy annabeth smarer fanfiction.

Then, to assuage this feeling, I set out to read some fanfiction about it, and realized that almost no one has ever gotten past Reyna. Percy and Annabeth AN I’ve been so tempted to write Percabeth knew their daughter would attract monsters, so when Hestia offered to help they accepted. What will the future hold for them when Annabeth brings her daughter to camp half blood? Annabeth and Percy haven’t seen each other in years, Annabeth has a secret, she was pregnant with Percy’s child but didn’t tell him.

Thanatoss95 Fanfiction Truth or dare heroes of olympus a collection of leyna one shots warning fluffy percy percyxreyna fanfiction percy annabeth smarer fanfiction. Will this be an easy job or will a certain Black complicate things Read Chapter 1 from the story Percy and Annabeth’s Daughter by EmieRosie15 with reads.

Athena Farris’ Stepdad is Worried & Hung

The Greek god of the sea, Poseidon—brother of the gods Zeus and Hades, and of the goddesses Hera , Demeter , and Hestia —was associated not just with the sea but also with horses. It’s difficult even for historians to track the myriad lovers and children of the Greek gods. Some estimates put the count at well over a hundred, with the lovers being mostly but not exclusively female.

Got SS Hades and Poseidon S Mu, Shura, Aphrodite, and a lot more. Thanatos – Saint Seiya thel lost Ages ago, the goddess Athena was served by fighters ZODIAC – Android game with release date 09/10/ from Youzu (Singapore). zip May I’m currently working on a fanfic and this is my version of the Sanctuary​.

Her father Zeus wanted her to married a god. Athena refused and told her father she would never get married. The next day, Athena looked at her sisters playing and trying to cheer up her. Aphrodite did not understand why she didn’t want to get married. As Athena went by, her father looked at her with a worried face, but why? Because Athena had nothing to do, she went to see the humans, one of her brothers Hercules was a god that could go down to earth so she controlled him.

Next to Hercules was a man not a man that Athena had seen ever. She looked close so close that she fell on her father palace on earth Athena could never belive it she didn’t know how to get up again! Suddenly the man that Athena saw had entered. The man saw Athena and he couldn’t belive her beauty he came close to her and bowed at her. Suddenly Athena said she felt something strong on her heart – that was love The day after Athena danced with joy her sisters were amazed to see her sister so happy, at noon Athena when down to earth again to find Thomesdon.

As she waited he appeared and came close to her and kissed.


I woke up, got dressed, and went down to the viewing room to meet with the other Goddesses who spied on Annabeth and Percy’s love lives or should I say life in general. As soon as I got to the viewing room, I saw every single Goddess on Mount Olympus including Hera and Persephone staring at the viewing screen like it was their life line, and I swear, they looked just like zombies. They all screamed and jumped from their seats, then scowled when they saw it was me. That never gets old.

The rest of the Goddesses just nodded. Hi zombies.

Athená a Greek goddess in the real fact never fell in love but there is anotther story, once Athena was checking all her armery because she was the goddess of​.

Your info will not be visible on the site. After logging in for the first time you’ll be able to choose your display name. Hera would curse Poseidon as soon as she was able to escape. Or maybe not. She pretty much she walked into this one. First she takes Annabeth away from Percy, then she takes his offer to meet her on an island in the Atlantic, then she actually thinks it’s a good idea to open her mouth.

She was crumbled on the floor trying to avoid the stare of Percy, her head down and her bones weak. If she did have bones, some where either broken, shattered or, in this point in the game, non-existent. She decided that listening to his heavy breathing was not going to do anything, so she decided to stand and face him.

Big mistake. Even thought he was a good twenty feet away, she still felt like trembling. His sea green eyes were blood shot, his clothes were tattered and he looked like he was on the verge of trying to make history.

Percabeth lemon

Percabeth Forever! This is too sweet should be in the top five. Her blond curls were tied in a pony tail and she was wearing an apron over her Definitely, I thought that the lemon was too short, but oh well… I don’t know how good it was, but hand me a review if you enjoyed the ride? S In this universe Percy is secretly zeo ranger 1 pink.

Athena is Zeus’ daughter, which makes her Poseidon’s niece, which makes Yes, children from the same god or goddess cannot date because, as you say.

Annabeth was lying down in her bed, happy thoughts of Percy roaming through her head, when her mom popped into the room, angry look on her face. I can kill that sea spawn! I can’t kill his father, but I can kill him! He didn’t do anything! He is not Poseidon, you can be mad with Poseidon, but please don’t bother us, because we didn’t do anything!

Percy was walking along the beach at Camp Half-Blood, waiting for Annabeth to arrive at camp. When he got to the camp border, he turned around to walk back, but to only find Poseidon standing there. I’ve known her since I was twelve, and I’m not going to let her go, no matter what you, or Athena, say about it. I’m just glad you didn’t date that Dare chick. She’s kinda weird, don’t you think?

I Found A Girl [Poseidon/Atena]